... the first ever non-profit member owned coop
for ecommerce and digital marketing companies.

- - Steve Simonson

We Believe

Empowery has a team of people working around the clock to bring better ideas, resources, suppliers, hacks, prices, and much more to online focused companies.

Because the coop is member owned that means the owners of the company are those companies who comprise its membership. Further beyond the basic operational expenses of the cooperative the majority of revenue is distributed back to each member via annual CASHBACK awards to each member based on their purchases using cooperative suppliers.

The most important things about us that you need to know are what we believe:

We believe in winning.

We believe in the Golden Rule.

We believe in long-term relationships.

We believe that we are better together.

We believe Entrepreneurs are changing the world.

We believe in putting our name on everything we do.

We believe Entrepreneurs make the world a better place.

We believe a winning Strategy is a prerequisite to success.

We believe in honoring our commitments without exception.

We believe in PEOPLE: Our members. Our team. Our partners.

We believe in doing the right thing; even when nobody is looking.

The real question is: