By definition, members of cooperative businesses pay lower or stabilize prices for products and services because of the buying power of the cooperative. Businesses that supply or sell to cooperatives may receive higher or stabilized prices for their products or services.


Cooperatives claim numerous comparative advantages over what is generally referred to as a classical firm or business model. The benefits will extend to a host of theoretical business issues. Many overlap the separate disciplines of labor economics, physical product production management and organization theory, investment and finance, and online marketplaces. 


Business academicians have devoted significant amounts of research and analysis to the successes of cooperatives including:


1.  The valuation of growth by business owner members in cooperatives 

2. Superior productivity rates that result from the extension of democratic principles in the cooperative workplace

3. The lack of unnecessary supervision due to the "horizontal monitoring" performed by cooperative members

4. The pursuit of collective cooperative revenues and output strategies that are less sensitive to business cycle fluctuations

5.  Business stability and additional leverage in the cooperative marketplace


Cooperatives also advocate for and emphasize the overall psychological and social influence exerted by the set of member or business owner-control parameters. These are thought to have a transformational quality that transforms competitive relationships into ones of cooperation. 


Once members begin to identify their individual and collective efforts with their cooperative‚Äôs enhanced performance, an atmosphere of cooperative problem solving takes root. As a result, the sense of togetherness creates improvements in business methods overall. 


The bottom line business results trend upward including a horizontal flow of information originating from the cooperative administration. With heightened satisfaction spreading throughout its membership, companies experience exponential growth and members build task-specific expertise.


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