Meet Our Featured Partner: SoStocked

Take The Chaos Out Of FBA Inventory Management

Recover Profit with Smarter Inventory Software

SoStocked is the first and only fully customizable inventory management & forecasting software, built for Amazon sellers by Amazon sellers. It allows you to add and manipulate all of the variables in your business on a per product level, to automate more processes to free up your time, and to allow you to track everything all in one place and every step of the way.


SoStocked is smarter than a spreadsheet and more realistic than a one-size-fits-all algorithm.

Get Reorder AlertsTo Avoid Stocking Out

Spreadsheet can’t alert you and one-size-fits all algorithms aren’t custom fit to your business. That’s the SoStocked sweet spot.

Factor SalesSpikes/Seasonality

Automatically factor things like prime day, seasonality, or other sales spikes so you don’t over/under order.

Easy OrderTracking/Transfer

Generate quick POs and locate your order. Still in production? Stuck at customs, or a freight forwarder? Which warehouse?


 “Beat the Street” Discount – 10%

 Perk Pack – Black diamond audit, refund audit, SoStocked free tools-shipping calculator for containers.

 Cashback – 5% of the negotiated purchase price on all products and services.