Meet Our Featured Partner: Packshots Direct

Stand out from your competitors online

We are passionate about product photography. Utilizing our mix of creativity, photography know how and state of the art equipment and marketing experience to deliver premium quality pack shots that help you stand out from your competitors.

We can shoot almost anything!

  • Food & Drink
  • Electrical
  • Clothing & Accessories
  • Jewelry
  • Git Set
  • Sport
  • Household
  • Cosmetics

Remember, if your product doesn’t fall into any of the categories, don’t worry, give us a call.

Packshots Direct was established by Chris King as one-stop shop for all your Amazon photography, videography, CGI, EBC, infographics and design needs.   After 20 years of working in sales & marketing for global conglomerates,  like many Amazon sellers, Chris, wanted to work for himself and spend more time at home with his new family.  Having spent years as a client booking photography, videography and design services for his employers, he realised there was a market opportunity to provide… No Nonsense…. WoW creative solutions…

To-date Packshots Direct have grown solely by word of mouth.  In today’s data driven world,  it’s easy to see the impact of our images, video’s, infographics and designs on you brand development, sales conversion rate and product return percentages.

 Partnering with Empower is a really exciting opportunity for us to keep up to date with the needs of the best Amazon sellers and also to share our own experiences helping you to make the most of your marketing budget.

Empowery Member Benefits

“Beat the Street” Discount: Empowery members receive a 15% discount applied to RRP costs.

Perk Pack: Free Imagery brief creation – We create a detailed brief outlining the content of each image, video and design for your team to approve.

Perk Pack: Dedicated Empowery account manager who will manage each stage of the process.

Perk Pack: Free model and location sourcing service for lifestyle imagery.

Perk Pack: – Free social media video output created from any new listing video packages purchased.

Cashback: 5% shareholding member cashback of the negotiated purchase price on all products and services.