Internet Sellers

As the fastest growing retail market around the world, eCommerce is seen by many as essential for business success. At Christmas in particular, consumers will buy products in the hundreds of billions all online from internet sellers. 

Alongside the stacks of paperbacks in Amazon’s warehouses are CDs, DVDs, TVs, iPads, iPods, toys, clothing. The less obvious are items such as jewelry, tools, safety equipment, sporting goods, garden furniture, windscreen wipers, musical instruments, children’s toys, pet supplies, Scuba gear, and so much more. 

In fact, third party internet sellers even sell bonsai trees and other exotic items. Millions of these items are sold not by Amazon itself but by legions of independent internet sellers. 

These businesses range from independent business owners, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and even what is considered medium-sized businesses which are still privately held operations. Each has a unique spirit and individualism. 

Typically, the successful internet seller dearly wants to control their own destiny. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a type-A person to be a successful entrepreneur. In fact, it’s probably better if you aren’t. Internet sellers tend to be more “street smart” ironically, than “book smart” per se. Or, oftentimes, a little bit of both. 

According to a variety of studies, the top two personality traits entrepreneurs possess are perception and intuition. This is because success doesn’t come to those who are smartest. Success comes to those who see opportunities and take them.

Internet sellers are passionate. While that may be an added bonus, the true benefit is doing what they love. Building an online business takes a lot of time and effort. It means putting in long hours and doing extra work. 

Internet sellers aren’t afraid of hard work because they are so focused on their dream and their vision. They don’t give up when a challenge arises which happens a lot, more recently.

For many small businesses, eCommerce has allowed them to explore new markets and enabled significant growth. But for some, selling products online hasn’t been quite as smooth as internet seller or business owners assumed. In fact, for many on specific marketplaces, the rules are in constant flux hurting a business’ bottom line. In some cases, bankrupting a small business owner altogether. 

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Together, internet sellers are influencing the online and eCommerce marketplaces with increased revenue growth. 

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