• Is China Headed for an Economic Crisis?

    Posted by Steve on January 12, 2022 at 3:52 pm

    If you are in the eCommerce Business you need to pay close attention to the future of China and how that economy is functioning because it is a LEADING indicator for the world. This page includes a video discussion of experts, a link to that original article, and the 60 page report created by the Hudson Institute which is packed with hard to find information.

    Like no time in history – GEOPOLITICS matter to eCommerce sellers. What is happening around the world including, but not limited to China, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, and even Kazakhstan and that whole region IS ALREADY IMPACTING supply chains. As products are out of stock, as turmoil

    Remember that China is a non-commercial financial system which means that the government can move capital around more easily than a more free financial system in most western countries. The reality is as these government “maneuvers” start to be noticed the capital in flows will change – which will create a butterfly effect around the world.

    Every prediction I have made public in September at the Billion Dollar Seller Summit and in subsequent public speeches at Seller Sessions London, Wizards of eCom in Miami and podcast broadcasts has already happened to some extent. (Even faster than I imagined.)

    Pay close attention to this forum and click the subscribe button on the right. I will assemble some of my sources and share some of the influencing videos, documents, and other data points from time to time in public.

    To be honest – this presentation and debate is boring at times and sometimes hard to watch, but the expertise and the assumptions, observations, and hypothesis about China made by the panel are worth hearing and evaluating for yourself. The credentials and experience of the academics who are on the panel is worthwhile and demonstrate a valuable perspective for your review. The report itself is worth reading and at least collecting data points so you can see how economic fundamentals, demography, supply chain, capital flows, are all interconnected.

    I believe western media largely, and many western companies that are “all in” on China are not seeing the underlying fundamentals that are cause for consideration. You can draw your own conclusions, but the reality is the world WILL change.

    CEOs need to strategize about those changes and make plans to adjust accordingly.

    The detailed report in PDF is attached titled: Economic Cracks in the Great
    Wall of China: Is China’s Current
    Economic Model Sustainable?

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