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Smart Solutions to Make Products Consumer Can Trust

QIMA offers End-to-end Solutions for Quality Improvement.

QIMA has the quality and compliance experts for all consumer goods and food categories. With over 2,500 inspectors, auditors, and lab experts, we can help you assess and improve your product and supplier quality and safety performance. Access hundreds of off-the-shelf customizable inspection checklists online, receive expert advice on your product safety requirements, and improve supplier compliance at the source.

Sell Your Products With Confidence

QIMA provides assurance that your products are safe and high quality before they reach your customers. Our quality control services extend across the full range of consumer goods categories including hardlines, softlines, toys, electronics and food. We help to identify defects, validate your specifications and verify product safety with inspectors trained to your business' requirements, ensuring that your products are right every time.

Supplier Management

The main solutions in our Supplier Management branch aim to assist you on the three key fronts of your supply chain management:

  • Evaluate your potential or existing supplier’s capabilities and quality management systems with a Manufacturing Audit
  • Educate your suppliers and internal teams on your products, processes and requirements with the help of QIMA's eLearning Platform
  • Improve the state of ethical compliance, environmental management and structural safety at your suppliers’ facilities by bringing your Corrective Action Plan to life with our Factory Improvement Programs


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