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Merch Wizard

3X Your Merch Exposure In Just 30 Minutes...

Instantly sync your Merch by Amazon Account to 9 other platforms. Customize listings, sizes, & colors.

Create and maintain your entire Amazon product page in one place without having to log into multiple sites. MerchWizard syncs automatically with Airtable so you’re able to collaborate on product pages from anywhere!

The Merch Wizard app is the best way to find all of your product data in one place without having to go on a scavenger hunt. Use powerful search features and filters that will help you dig deep into what matters most, like keyword searches or filtering by review stars. So whether it’s time for inventory updates or figuring out which products are selling well, The Merch Wizard has got our backs!

Using the Merch Wizard manage page enhancements, it’s easy to push both your product listing data and sales statistics to Airtable for further analysis. You’ll be able see which of your products are selling better than others or not at all. This will help you with making smarter business decisions that can make a difference in how profitable they turn out!


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