Has Amazon Knocked Off Your Product?

Do you believe that Amazon has created private label products (including basics) that are directly competing with your product or otherwise costing you sales?

Do you believe that Amazon is unfairly using 3rd party marketplace data to collect information about the best selling items on Amazon and then they take that information and make their own products and unfairly compete against your product or products?

We do believe this is happening and we are not alone.

And we think it is cheating and unfair to marketplace sellers who risk their entire life savings to launch product businesses on Amazon.

This September 2018 Seattle Times News Story talks about the fact the the EU is investigating Amazon for anti-competitive behavior.

And it's not new. This FORTUNE MAGAZINE article talks about Amazon Stealing merchant product ideas back in 2016.

And it's wrong. It's unethical. It may be illegal. And frankly it's bad business even if it is not illegal.

Amazon shouldn't use our data and information directly against us. If Walmart or Ebay or other emerging marketplaces like Google and Facebook can create a safer environment for sellers Amazon will have a day of reckoning.

We need your help!

We are working with a reporter to talk about the issue of Amazon using seller sales data and then knocking off our products and selling under their own brands (including basics).

This reporter would love to have conversations with sellers who have dealt with this issue related to their product or brand.

It's important that the story is YOUR STORY.

If you have friends who have this issue please share this URL with them ASAP and ask them to participate too.


The conversation can be on or off the record; it's your choice.

For clarity - off the record means that your business, product, or name will never be revealed to Amazon or the public. The reporters are very trustworthy and really honor this tradition.

We will NEVER share your information submitted here with anyone except those directly involved in creating the story. Your information is sacred to us and we will protect it FOREVER!

By the way - this is a MAJOR news organization. If this goes forward it has a high potential to create positive change.

When we have met with Amazon on multiple occassions in the past they express a shared concern related to these and other important issues to sellers, however, it appears that we are only being paid lip service because the actions of Amazon are indisputable.

In fairness to the hard working people at Amazon who actually do care about sellers we want to be clear:


Although we have no doubt about the sincerity of some of the very passionate people at Amazon who are trying to help improve the lives of sellers we believe that the system is rigged against them and therefore against us.

The people responsible making private label brands are not connected to the people trying to enhance the seller experience.

In fact in many ways they are in direct competition with each other.

The general consensus is that those in the marketplace driven areas are far more likely to be rewarded on marketplace sales, growth, and satisfaction of the marketplace sellers.

Whereas those responsible for developing private label brands are rewarded for their own sales, growth, expanding SKU count and more metrics that are in DIRECT opposition to marketplace sellers.


Amazon's actions keep hurting sellers.

Amazon is continuously launching new products every month with access to unprecedented levels of sales data. These actions long term can devastate independent marketplace sellers.

Amazon doesn't seem to care.

Furthermore as we gather evidence of specific cases actually happening we may have an attorney who will look at taking this case and pursuing litigation against Amazon that is likely to produce a change in behavior at Amazon and adds the possibly of additional legal consequences and bad publicity for Amazon. 

If you believe your product(s) have been impacted by Amazon private label brands you need to ACT NOW.

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Once we have the submitted information the team will review and make the appropriate introductions to the press contact to be sure that your story is heard.

You can decide if the conversation is on or off the record when talk to Empowery and when you talk to the reporter.

On the record is the best because it shares real stories of real impact.

Off the record is ok too, because everyone understands the concerns about the perception of Amazon retribution.

I personally think the risk of Amazon retribution goes LOWER if you go public, because the next story would be devastating to Amazon if they tried to take action against a whistleblower. That would be a show stopper and potential for MASSIVE negative consequences for Amazon.

Our efforts to protect and advance the efforts of ecommerce sellers will never stop!

At your service,

Steve Simonson &
The Global Empowery Team

p.s. - your information will remain very safe with us. We will NEVER disclose your information except to the reporter.