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By Steve Simonson February 18, 2018 Cooperative No comments yet

Have you ever thought about the incredible buying power of big companies? Think about large scale grocery stores like Wegmans Food Markets, Piggly Wiggly, Associated Grocers, Meijer, and so many more. Although these names may not be household names members of the cooperative that they are a part of are likely selling products in EVERY household in the United States. These stores and dozens of others are part of the Topco Cooperative. By the way, just in case you thought that cooperatives are a “Johnny come lately” idea you may be interested to know that the Topco Associates started in 1944 and today is the largest Group Purchasing Organization in America.

Here’s the funny part: Each of the members have on average more than 2.5 billion in sales. EACH.

So why would these mega companies band togeher? For the very same reason that eCommerce entrepreneurs should band together. More size = more collective scale = more buying power.

The Topco Cooperative members together represent an estimated 180 BILLION (yes with a B) in annual sales. They understand that by working together they can all benefit.

That is the essential part of any coop. We all get to retain our independence for our own businesses, but by working together we can leverage our combined size and strength.

It’s time for eCommerce companies to band together and drive efficiency and profit into our own individual operations though cooperative membership and participation.

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