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Want to Turbocharge Your Amazon FBA Business? Attend Festivus by Empowery!

Festivus by Empowery is back at it again bringing you the best strategies, tactics, tools, and people in the industry to inspire your business for this holiday season. This year’s event will take place on December 10 th , 1-4 pm. Come mix and mingle with your old friends and make new friends with other amazing Amazon sellers while learning NEW strategies that can help take your FBA business to the next level!

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The Festivus team has created an event for all e-commerce sellers interested in building their business and having fun during the holidays.

The 2nd Annual Festivus by Empowery event in Miami is happening in December 2021. Last year was an amazing event and this year it’s even better! There are amazing trainers who will provide the tactics, strategies, and mindset hacks to turbocharge your Amazon FBA business.

Festivus will be the perfect way to end the year, kick off the holiday season, meet new entrepreneurs, and celebrate your success! Festivus will consist of live presentations, deep discussions, surprise gift giving and networking with other Amazon FBA business owners.

There are two ticket options for Festivus: In-person tickets or Virtual tickets. In order to purchase live tickets, you will need to create a profile with Empowery.

Festivus by Empowery is Sponsored by Global Wired, Parsimony, ProductSavants, Elevate, Avask and Sellers Funding.

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