Very simply put, when you join the Empowery eCommerce Cooperative, Inc., you receive a share of the corporation just like stock in any other company. You become a shareholder. 

The one item without which the entire cooperation endeavor functions is that you, the member, are also a shareholder. Just like in a Fortune 500 corporation, the shares in a “cooperative” reflect value. In fact, shares are already highly sought-after prizes due to being the first cooperative solely focused on sellers in the eCommerce industry. 

Cooperative enterprises are attracting more attention than ever these days. These member-owned organizations, whose business model is alternative to that of traditional private and public companies, are certainly not new. However, Empowery is the first-of-its-kind in eCommerce. 

The initial number of shares are listed in the offering plan. Just like a corporation has to have an offering plan, so does a cooperative. Member-owners of the Empowery cooperative contribute to and democratically control equity capital, and receive a share of the profits based on their patronage, or use of the co-op’s services. 

Although most cooperatives maintain their size for years, sometimes the opportunity arises to expand the business. By being the only eCommerce cooperative in the world, Empowery plans on expansion as membership increases. 

The board can make an amendment to the bylaws to increase the number of shares in the “co-op.” Cooperatives are enterprises that are democratically owned and controlled by the people who benefit from them and are operated collaboratively for the purpose of providing services to these beneficiaries or members. 

Any financial returns to cooperative owners come through profit allocation based on your patronage, or transactions with the cooperative. This is very different from an investor-owned firm where it is not necessary to transact any business with the enterprise in order to benefit from it as an owner. In an investor-owned firm, return comes through funds invested, not services used. 

The net goal of producing members joining Empowery is $10 billion dollars, internationally. 

Together, members are influencing the online and eCommerce marketplaces with increased revenue growth. 

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