Standard Shareholder

$0.00 / month with a 30-day free trial

Empowery Shareholder Team.  Please be sure to enter your company name — this will determine the TEAM setup.

$0.00 at signup* and $0.00 per month.

*$650.00 Cash Advance + $69.00 per month to be deducted against future earned cashback first; before cashbacks is distributed to you as the shareholder.


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Your company can join Empowery as a shareholder, but without paying any cash out of pocket today.

You pay nothing right now and pay nothing per month after your 30 day free trial.

Please be sure to enter your company name — this will determine how we connect your TEAM in the future.

Instead of you paying for the signup fees or monthly fees, those fees will be paid by Empowery as noted as an Advance on your shareholder cashback account in the payable amount of $450.00+$69.00 per month.

You will never receive a bill or be asked to pay this amount. Instead, the cash advance is paid from your future cashback earnings.

This means your cashback will be applied to this Cash Advance first before it is payable to your individual shareholder equity account for payment to you.

If you do not accrue enough cashback over time there is no liability for the loan to you or your company. We’re betting that you will see the value in the aligned partners and capture thousands per year in cash back!

We want to point out that the cash advance repayment is more than the other shareholder option where a shareholder can pay a smaller flat fee to join immediately with no future cashback deductions.

The reason it is more expensive is because the finance team work for us to manage the cash advance and cashback disbursements requires extra effort.

The owner of the company can add new team members who will all have shareholder access.

Empowery retains the right at anytime to terminate inactive shareholders (those not earning cashback) or those who do not match up with Empowery values.


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