Empowery Membership

If you are an ecommerce seller there are 2 ways to be a part of Empowery:

SILVER MEMBERAs a SILVER member you get access to use aligned empowery resources including full access to "BEAT THE STREET" pricing discounts and related "PERK PACKS" for products or services. Silver members do not get access to cashback or online training or the secret facebook group. Goto empowery.com/contact and ask for the SILVER MEMBER details.
As a GOLD member you get access to use aligned empowery resources including the "BEAT THE STREET" prices, "PERK PACKS", and "CASHBACK."  

You also get access to the secret facebook members group where we hold ALL HANDS monthly meetings as well as weekly content delivered.

You have DIRECT access to the Empowery team to help you locate additional resources or find an existing resource using the "MEMBER LIASON" service.

NOTE: CASHBACK is only available to EQUITY members of the cooperative. The share of stock is NON-APPRECIATING.

If a member leaves the coop the $1000.00 Share of Stock is refunded when they surrender their share.

The potential to earn CASHBACK is unlimited and some members are earning more than $250.00 when they first join. Members accruing over $1000 per month in cashback (paid annually) will have the $250.00 per month membership fee waived after their first full year accruing cashback at this rate.

Goto empowery.com/contact and ask for the GOLD MEMBER details.

Share of Stock

$250.00 per month

Do you ever feel isolated in the eCommerce trade?  Would you join forces with other Internet Sellers to reduce your costs and increase efficiency, while maintaining your business independence? 


Empowery, the world’s first eCommerce Co-operative.  Designed specifically to empower Internet Sellers, this unique platform allows members to harness the purchasing power of many.


Empowery offers support services encompassing all aspects of the business process, including purchasing, sourcing, shipping, 3PL, and superior strategy techniques for Co-op members.   


As a member-owned, non-profit organization, our members receive the majority of the profits.  Profit percentages earned by each individual correspond to their individual purchase volume from vendors. 


Ideal candidates for the Empowery Co-operative are sizeable businesses with strong credit and solid business experience, who believe in and are loyal to the values of the cooperative culture.

Or, to learn more about becoming a member use CONTACT US page.