Meet our Featured Partner: VENDO



Vendo’s deep rooted relationships in retail allow them to help create e-commerce strategy for brands that are looking to start from square one, build into a new marketplace channel or expand their presence into Brick & Mortar. They set your brand up to scale, providing the experience, expertise, and protection needed to reside on the right side of marketplace trends.

Vendo provides detailed roadmap and then execute them for you. Vendo’s goal is to maximize sales and build your customer base – all while protecting your brand’s integrity.

Price control and brand representation are critical components of managing your digital presence. Vendo ensures all aspects of your digital growth is done in accordance with marketplace standards and algorithms in order to maximize your odds of success. We strategically purchase media for you across the spectrum of marketplace and social media ecosystems, to drive sales and promote brand awareness.

Positive reviews are critical to the success of your ecommerce initiatives. We help you get product into the hands of consumers who can generate reviews, while also responding to and managing any negative reviews. We ensure positive customer feedback so that browsers convert into buyers.

Empowery Member Benefits:

“Beat the Street” Discount: Empowery members receive a 10% discount applied to their 1st minimum monthly service fee (not % of sales) for comprehensive full-service management of their Amazon or Walmart business.

Perk Pack: Free audit/consultation of Amazon and/or Walmart business (including sales forecast for Amazon only).

Perk Pack: Dedicated Empowery contact.

Perk Pack: 25% OFF 1st month of external paid social (I.e., Facebook/Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc.) or search (Google) media services.

Perk Pack: 25% OFF 1st month of marketplace paid media marketplace services such as Instacart.

Perk Pack: 5% OFF 1st month of Amazon DSP ad management.

Perk Pack: 25% OFF 1st month of Page 1 Ranking Campaign Management fee.

Perk Pack: 25% OFF 1st month of Influencer Marketing Campaign Management fee.

Cashback: 2.5% shareholding member cashback of the negotiated purchase price on all products and services.