Rosenthal International Logistics are the Global Logistics Services forerunners and experts in Amazon as well as other e-commerce platforms. 

Our combination of quality service, globality and specialized individual care makes our company stand out above and beyond our competitors.

Our eyes are always on the endgame. The result is a financially viable, fully transparent plan to get your products from A to B with no hidden fees which we understand is essential in any business and particularly in the world of Amazon sellers and other e-commerce businesses.

Let us help you get your products imported and delivered to your FBA Warehouse or wherever they need to go. Wherever you sell your goods i.e. Amazon, Ebay, Walmart etc., whatever the size of your ecommerce business, whatever the size of your freight, we’re here for you. Whether you are:

  • An experienced seller on Amazon or any e-commerce platform looking to improve your freight and logistics services.
  • Looking for advice, and trying to find your way through the maze of shipping and logistics as it relates to Amazon.
  • Export your products and get them delivered to your Amazon Fulfillment Center, FBA warehouse or external warehouse for other platforms.
  • Incoterms customs regulations, duties, and freight transportation.

Empowery Members Benefit

“Beat the Street” Discount – Members receive a $150 discount applied to the up-front costs.

Perk Pack – Choose one:

30 minute Shipping and Supply Optimization consult

30 minute Compliance Consult and Audit

Cashback – 2% of the negotiated price on all products and services.