Meet Our Featured Partner: PrettyMerch

Your complete toolkit for Amazon Merch

PrettyMerch adds time-saving features, better analytics of your sales, and a powerful product manager to Merch by Amazon. It’s designed to help you make faster and smarter decisions about what products to sell.

Beautiful Dashboard

Log in to your Merch by Amazon account to view all of your important data organized on a beautifully designed and intuitive dashboard.

At a Glance
  • See today’s sales and most recent products sold
  • Previous 8-day sales chart
  • Summary of sales for most important date periods
  • One-click analytics for the available time periods
  • Top sellers by units and royalties for the last 30 days
  • Total Reviews and Overall Average Score features
  • Total unique products sold
  • ‘Buyable’ and ‘Disabled’ products


Super Simple Setup

Just add PrettyMerch to Chrome, login to your Merch account, and you will be greeted by your new and improved dashboard.


“Beat the Street” Discount – 10%

Perk Pack – Black diamond audit, refund audit, SoStocked free tools-shipping calculator for containers.

Cashback – 5% of the negotiated purchase price on all products and services.