Meet Our Featured Partner: MERCH NINJA

Merch Ninja is one such tool that helps sellers find trending and popular niches that they can target to boost their sales. The tool is comprehensive and offers several important features including an integrated keyword tool and the very important trademark tool. Merch Ninja supports three marketplaces; Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States. This makes it easy for sellers who want to expand their business into any of these markets. An advantage of this research tool over other research tools is that this tool suggests high demand and low competition niches making it easy to break into these markets and make the most profit possible.


  • Favorite Lists – Manage your favorites lists easily. Merch Ninja Includes a CSV export function to share with your designers or virtual assistant.
  • Design Tracker – Add and track easy new Amazon designs in your Merch Ninja account. Track the sales of your competitors as well as their sales history and keep an eye on possible trends.
  • Mobile Ready – Use the basic research functions of Merch Ninja also on your mobile devices such as Tablet or Smartphone.
  • Secure Data Processing – All your data will be processed in accordance with current law and with all relevant security measures.
  • Performance – Scroll quickly and easily through tens of thousands of designs. Find your keywords in seconds.
  • FAQ, Help & Video Tutorials – tarting is the hardest. We will guide you through all functions of Merch Ninja with help texts, an extensive FAQ and several video tutorials. Join our FB community to always be up to date!