Meet Our Featured Partner: CARBON6

Carbon6 is building a community to support ecommerce sellers, removing the barriers to selling online. Developed by the brightest minds in the Amazon seller ecosystem, our software tools and resources help entrepreneurs succeed at every stage of their journey. Carbon6’s vision is to provide innovative technology, data and community to inspire and enable e-commerce businesses around the globe to exceed their goals.

At Carbon6, we align our visions with our values to simplify success for entrepreneurs around the world.

Despite what many Amazon sellers think, driving sales and making profit are not always the same thing. So what is the difference, and how can you learn to optimize both?

Understand your numbers, Increase Profitablity.

  • REAL DEAL – We are real experts with real experience. We run our business based on substance, not flash.
  • ENTREPRENEURIAL, ALWAYS – We are wildly ambitious, and we approach every task with empathy, grit, and confidence.
  • EVER ON THE EDGE – We use curiosity, data, innovation, and technology to solve problems with smart and efficient solutions.
  • CHAMPIOND OF SUCCESS – We work together to create exponential wins. We care about our customers, our community, and our team.
  • EXPERTS AT EXCELLENCE – Accountable to ourselves and one another. We  take our individual and team contributions seriously.
  • BETTER THAN YESTERDAY – We fail fast, learn quickly, and don’t miss a beat. We’re emboldened by growth and  welcome opportunities to level up.