Meet Our Featured Partner: ARGOMETRIX

ArgoMetrix vision is to be the authority on, and leading supplier of, Competitive Intelligence of Online Retail.

Stop Wasting Time & Money Trying to Grow Website Sales

The key to increasing Amazon sales was using this knowledge with the proprietary technology ArgoMetrix developed, which gathered data, turned it into Competitive Intelligence and converted it into actionable information. ArgoMetrix specializes in:

  • Optimized Amazon listings with a high conversion rate
  • A steady and growing number of daily orders
  • Profitable ROI on paid advertising campaigns
  • Manage your replenishment according to trends thru automation.
  • Financial reporting of your Amazon operation with key performance metrics
  • Stay on top of Amazon policy changes and best practices.


  • Online Retail Challenge
  • The ArgoMetrix Solution
  • The SCS Roadmap
  • Seller Intelligence Platform (SIP)
  • Case Studies

Empowery Members Benefits:

“Beat the Street” Discount: Empowery members receive a 15% discount applied to their up-front costs.

Perk Pack: Complimentary 2-Yr historical data gathering

Perk Pack: Complimentary Review of Historical Performance with Recommendations

Perk Pack: Complimentary 30-Day Trial from registration

Perk Pack: Extended free trial

Perk Pack: Additional-on service provided

Cashback: 25% shareholding member cashback of the negotiated purchase price on all products and services.