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Isn’t time you joined Empowery?

If you are an eCommerce seller you are very welcome to join the Empowery Co-op. We’re designed for YOU. By joining as a shareholder you become a voting member to help guide the cooperative forward. Our mission to work together as a buying group to find and vet the top service providers is just the first step in the cooperative. We also want to have a place for our community to learn and share together so that we can all find the best practices to help our businesses, without being constantly badgered by the predators that always seem to have the answer as soon as you send them $$.

Empowery is designed to evolve and serve the membership. As a cooperative we rely on members to lend a hand and take action. The cooperative leadership provides strategy and support but YOU are what make a co-op work in the long term. We want YOU. As in all things – you get out what you put in. We know YOU can make a difference here.

As you join you can lead group or moderate discussions if you wish to volunteer. You can be as active as you wish, or if you prefer to hang back a bit – that’s ok too. We only ask that you do your best to investigate the service providers and use them as much as possible so that you save time and hassle, but also so you start earning cash back – the most exclusive feature of Empowery is our ability to provide cashback on many of the vetted service providers.

There are 2 ways to join as a shareholder:

  • The Empowery Standard Shareholder – this option allows you to join the co-op right now with no money out of your pocket. Instead of you paying the fees now and monthly these are paid by Empowery and a Cash Advance account is created for your shareholder account that is due to Empowery. The good news is you never have to pay the Cash Advance. The cashback that you earn from your normal Empowery vendor purchases will be used to offset the Cash Advance of $650.00 + $69.00 per month. Once the fees have been paid from your individual cashback from that point on all of the cashback is accrued and paid to you! Remember that if you use the vetted partners you can MAKE money as a shareholder via your cashback. No other community offers that kind of deal.

  • The Empowery Premium Shareholder – this option allows you to join the co-op right now for only $250.00 today and after a 30 day trial you will start paying $49.00 per month. That’s it. It’s simple. All of the cashback you earn will be accrued to your shareholder account from the first dollar earned. Joining Empowery may be one of the best financial decisions you’ll ever make!

NOW – It’s time for YOU to take action:

It’s time for YOU to be part of the cooperative. 🙂