How to Pick a Product to sell on Amazon FBA

How to Pick a Product to Sell on Amazon FBA?

To pick the best product to sell on Amazon FBA is the most critical step in your Amazon FBA journey. You have to work hard for Amazon FBA product research. 

One of the most effective ways to run the Amazon FBA business is selling the product which is in demand. It opens the door for you to communicate with millions of potential customers but requires significant effort to sell on Amazon FBA.

If you’re interested in getting started with selling on Amazon FBA, one of the first things you need to do is figure out what kind of product to sell on Amazon FBA. Since there are so many different categories, finding the right product that sells well on Amazon FBA and doesn’t have too much competition can be challenging.

You’ll be able to get your items to Amazon in a timely way according to this service. They will store them in their warehouse or fulfillment centers. It allows customers to order your products using their Prime membership. Then have them shipped from the fulfillment center closest to them.

This benefit is that you don’t have to worry about storing or shipping your inventory and can focus on finding new products for sale on Amazon. This article will walk through my process for picking a product for Amazon FBA so that you can start selling online with minimal risk.

How does Amazon FBA Works?

Amazon FBA is also known as “fulfillment by Amazon” and can be used for any product, including food items like baking supplies, books and DVDs (especially if they don’t need packaging), and clothing sizes up through XXL. 

The Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program is a service that allows you to have your items held in Amazon’s warehouses, and the firm will then ship those products directly to your consumers. If you sign up for this program, Amazon will charge you a fee to participate in the program. Picking the correct product to sell on Amazon FBA is vital to make this strategy work for your company and help it grow.

Amazon FBA Product Research

The Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program is an excellent method for putting your products in front of Amazon customers without having to be concerned about the storage or delivery of those products. To make money with Amazon FBA, you’ll first have to find an item that sells well on Amazon.

You can find things that are already selling well on Amazon FBA by using the tool on their website that allows you to search for keywords. Once you’ve found an item with decent sales volume, check its price against the competition by searching its ASIN number on Amazon’s website. The easiest way to find an ASIN number is by clicking Product Details under any given product listing.

Buying and selling on Amazon FBA

  • Amazon FBA is the easiest way to get products into customers’ hands.
  • You could sell your products on Amazon FBA at a lower cost than you would be able to if you were selling them yourself.
  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) services allow sellers to store, ship, and fulfill their orders themselves, so they don’t have to deal with warehousing, shipping, and customer service issues to keep their business running smoothly.

List of Products for Amazon FBA

1. Check out the Amazon best sellers list

The first step is to check out the best sellers list, which is essentially a list of the most popular products on Amazon. You might identify lucrative things selling well by looking through the best sellers list.

Well, it’s worth looking at this list before deciding what product to sell on Amazon FBA. If you find an item with high sales volume, low prices, and good reviews (this should be easy since these items are already famous), this could be your perfect product for Amazon FBA.

2. Don’t go to either end of the spectrum

There are some goods that you really ought to stay away from. The cost should be your primary concern right off.  It’s good to sell a good product on Amazon FBA so people can afford and buy it, but too low a price will only attract potential customers.

One other thing to think about is the item’s dimensions. If you have a large item, then people may assume they need help moving it themselves (and plenty of moving companies will charge extra if they have to bring their equipment). And don’t forget about weight. If your item weighs more than 20lbs, transporting it could be expensive (and potentially dangerous).

3. Think of becoming a Private Label Seller

Private label sellers are the most common type of seller on Amazon. They sell products on Amazon FBA that other companies make, but they also make money off their branding to sell it under their brand name.

Private label sellers have a few advantages over Amazon FBA:

  • You don’t have to pay the fees or commissions that come with selling on Amazon Marketplace.
  • You don’t need special licenses or certifications to start as an Amazon private label seller (though some states require specific licensing requirements).

4. Only source items that are smallish, lights, and durable

The item’s size and weight are the following factors to bear in mind. If it’s too light, then there’s no way that Amazon FBA will accept it. Also, consider how durable an item should be if something breaks easily or wears out quickly. Then chances are that people wouldn’t buy it in the first place.

If we had one piece of advice for anyone considering selling on, Amazon FBA would always choose high-quality products over low-quality ones (even if they cost more). It goes both ways. Your customers will appreciate getting something from a brand name, instead of buying cheap knockoffs from China.

Also, keep in mind that if your product doesn’t sell well enough on Amazon FBA within its first year. Then there isn’t much point in investing time into improving its quality because people won’t notice any improvements after a while.

5. Look for goods that can be made cheaply and easily

As you’re starting on your product research, make sure that the item is easy and inexpensive to make. In addition, it is crucial that the product is simple to ship and store as well as sell on Amazon FBA.

Best Product to Sell on Amazon FBA

6. Follow the product’s seller ranking and sales history

  • Seller ranking and sales history: It is probably essential to check on your supplier, as it will tell you how they have been selling their product. You want to make sure that they sell enough products at a high level of quality. So, you can be confident in buying from them in the future, and if they don’t have any sales history or are new, there may be some risk involved with investing your money into them.
  • Feedback score and return policy: If this seller has poor feedback scores, it is good that they won’t ship anything out immediately. Instead, they’ll wait until all customers get their orders before sending anything out. It means when someone orders from them, it won’t be delivered immediately as other sellers might provide free shipping overages. In addition, this indicates that there is a problem with any stage of the delivery process. Then customer service may not respond promptly enough since employees aren’t available during regular business hours.

7. Keep an open mind

You should also remember that you shouldn’t be frightened to experiment with new things, as this is another thing you shouldn’t do. You’re not going to know until you try, and if it doesn’t work out, then at least it will give you some experience that can help with your following product. Also, consider whether any products may have been overlooked by Amazon sellers who have sold on the platform before.

8. High Product Value

The last thing you want to do is buy a low-quality product that doesn’t meet the needs of your audience. You can find high-quality products on Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba. Look for items on Amazon that have earned a lot of excellent feedback from other buyers. On eBay and Alibaba, check out their sales pages to know what’s available at each store before making a purchase decision.

9. Target Impulse Buys for Amazon FBA

Target impulse buys are the most profitable items on Amazon. These are the items that people buy without thinking, and they’re also the ones you can use to make money while they’re still in their original packaging.

You’ll often find these products in bargain bins or clearance sections at big-box retailers like Best Buy or Walmart. Amazon has plenty of opportunities for finding these popular items.

10. The Smaller, the Better

Smaller products are easier to sell and ship. Smaller products are more accessible to stock and manage, especially when you have a small team of staff that needs help managing your inventory. Smaller products can also be profitable on Amazon FBA, depending on how well they sell compared to more oversized items (which makes sense).

11. Avoid Restricted Brands on Amazon FBA

Local brands are a problem for sellers, buyers, and Amazon. Brand restrictions can be a big issue when selling products containing restricted items. Restrictions on brands can be a problem for sellers because they want to sell what they have or get rid of it as soon as possible. So, it doesn’t go wrong in their warehouse and cause problems for them later down the road if someone else buys it and then decides not to pay them or doesn’t pay them at all.

The worst restriction is when Amazon says, “We don’t allow this product type here.” It means no one will be able to buy it unless they know how exactly where each item belongs within our inventory system (which isn’t always easy).

12. Using tools to Find the Best Amazon FBA Products

Tools can be used to locate the most profitable things to sell on Amazon FBA. Some tools are valuable that assist you in determining which of your products are successful sellers and which are not. You can also find out which categories have more demand than others.

Tools also lets you see how many listings there are for each item across different countries and states. Which will help guide your decision-making process. As well as give some insight into what kinds of things might appeal most widely across different markets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to Calculate the Monthly Amazon Sales Volume?

The first step to calculating your monthly Amazon sales volume is finding out how many items you sell on Amazon. You can use the Amazon Sales Volume Calculator to find this out for you.

To use this tool, enter the number of units sold in a single month and click “Calculate.” It will give you an idea of how much money was made from each item sold during that period. For example: if an item sells for $10 and there were 100 units sold during its lifespan, it would generate $1,000 worth of profit within one month alone.

Q: How do you select items on Amazon FBA?

When choosing products for Amazon FBA, you should consider several considerations. These are the following:

  • Is the product easy to make? It’s best not to invest in a high-ticket item that requires a lot of time and effort before it can be sold. Instead, look for simple products that anyone can complete without assistance from a third party (e.g., an assistant). For example, if I’m looking at selling an iPhone case myself but want some help with marketing my store and don’t want my hands full with inventory management. Then I’ll probably choose something like this over something which would require more work than just opening up Amazon FBA.
  • Is the product easy to sell on Amazon FBA? It is similar but slightly different from “easy make.”
  • What makes one item easier to sell than another? You need good analytics data. So your decision-making relies solely on objective factors rather than gut feelings or personal bias about certain brands/companies which may not always fit into everyone’s budget lineups.”

Q: How many products do you need for Amazon FBA?

The number of products you need to sell on Amazon FBA depends on your sales volume. For example, if you’re selling one product per week, then 100 would be a good start. But if you sell more than ten items per day, then 200 might be better. The goal here is to have enough inventory so that customers can see all of your offerings in one place and decide which ones they’d like to buy from you.


Ultimately, there’s no magic formula to successfully making an Amazon FBA product. However, you can do a few things to ensure that the products you pick to sell on Amazon FBA have the best chance of succeeding in this market. By following these tips and keeping an open mind about all kinds of items, we hope that you will find success with your Amazon FBA business.

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