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  • Evergrande continues to fail in slow motion…

  • Mark Eting

    January 4, 2022 at 6:20 pm
    The local provincial governments are turning on Evergrande – not to mention the other factors: like a 99% drop in sales in December.
    Evergrande is struggling to repay more than $300 billion in liabilities including nearly $20 billion of offshore bonds already determined to be in cross-default by multiple ratings agencies last month after it missed payments.

    The end is here for Evergrande.
    The problem for sellers is that this is a liquidity problem for china financial companies including backs which are a potential financial risks for sellers and their current factories.
    The fact is many factories are going to go bankrupt in 2022 and take seller deposits with them. Do whatever you can to use escrow or other methods to prevent this financial hit.

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