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    Posted by Empowery on January 21, 2022 at 4:58 pm

    The key idea of using Turkey, even a few months ago, was a good one. However, the currency situation in Turkey + collapsing economic fundamentals is not worth the risk. Yes – products may appear cheaper based on their currency falling, if the Turkish exports can not access foreign currency to buy raw materials buyers face increasing risks when placing deposits. Even if you get terms, which eliminates the deposit risk, you still have supply chain risk if the order is delayed or disrupted due to their historic economic issues.

    And believe it or not, Turkey and China are all tied into the Kazakstan issue and that is future geopolitical risk that must be considered when building supply chains which MUST be considered over the course of years.

    That said, there can be some regional possibilities that can mitigate risks between Turkey and UAE, however, those risks from Turkey to EU or USA or CANADA have a vastly different risk profile.

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