Why Join Empowery?

Attention: eCommerce Entrepreneurs

Can This New Group of Elite Entrepreneurs Help You Scale To 8 Figures & Beyond Even If China, Amazon & Your Supply Chain Sabotage You?

Attention: eCommerce Entrepreneurs

No longer behind closed doors, this cooperative practically pays you to become a private member of the ONLY non-profit group of eCommerce sharks who know what’s working right now.

This group, totaling over 200-million in top-line revenue and boasting over 100 years of combined experience can help you halve your risk, remove yourself from the day-to-day, and protect you from predator practices that litter the modern-ecommerce landscape.

This isn’t “another mastermind”, it’s the new way for ecommerce businesses to scale safely despite the mistakes made by Amazon, China and their supply chain partners.

Dear eCommerce Entrepreneur,

If you want to surround yourself with some of the best talent in the eCommerce industry…

Skip years of headaches from suppliers, distributors and freight forwarders…

And you’re ready to scale your business to sell…

Then this may be the most important message you read today.

Like you, we’re sick of the muggings from Amazon and those black hat sellers. 

So with the collective experience of dozens of top entrepreneurs…

Along with the purchasing power of many 8 figure businesses…

This non-profit group has negotiated some of the best deals for everything from shipping, marketing, delivery and more!

These are huge discounts across channels you already use including some of the best names in the business.

And it costs you practically nothing to get a hold of them.

But first, let me be clear…

This is nothing like a back stabbing group where you’re always watching your back to see if someone will steal your product line. 

Nor is it like the Facebook group masterminds filled with rookie questions and bad advice and trolls galore.


It’s a collective entrepreneurs who know that: 

  1. Banding together creates leverage for their businesses…
  1. Building relationships with others can get them faster to their goals…
  1. Product privacy is essential for good discussions within the eCommerce industry.

In a moment I’ll share the details on how you too can overcome everything that Amazon, China and the supply chain throw at you to scale to 8 figures safely.

And that’s not all…

I’ll also show you how you can use this group to save yourself from business-ending disaster scenarios. 

Like how one member had crates of product with nowhere to land… and sending back the product to the Chinese factory would’ve killed her profits.

But First, Please Be Open To This Controversial Idea:​

The eCommerce industry is full of predators. People who are single mindly focused on picking your pockets. There are good ones, but it’s more and more difficult to determine the long term good companies from the fly by night scalawags.

…and if you use the use service provider or partner could destroy your profits overnight!

Make no mistake…

The “helpful” guru and his library of ninja-hacks… plus the new wave of eCommerce experts who say they’re “killing it”…

Are teaching you concepts that if applied, can ruin your chances of selling your business for a nice profit.

In fact, there are entire youtube channels (like Coffeezilla) who look to take down these fake gurus delivering bad information.

But how can we make such a claim?

We run the only member-owned non-profit eCommerce Cooperative that provides a way for YOU to join forces with link minded business owners. A true cooperative is owned by the members.

The group is filled with some of the best award winning entrepreneurs within the ecommerce industry. For sake of privacy, we will not reveal their names.

However, I can say this:

Over the years of working with 8 figure ecommerce businesses… one thing remains abundantly clear:

There are a thousand and one obstacles in the way for your business to scale safely… and most of the danger comes to your door unannounced, at the worst possible timing. 

That’s why over the last few years we’ve made it our mission to create an entity that can fight back against the likes of Amazon, world governments and vendors who like to play games.

Because as you’ll see later… 

The real problem isn’t Amazon, China or the supply chain. It’s something much bigger but remains invisible to the untrained eye. 

We started the co-op because like you, we were sick of being pushed around without having any say on the eCommerce selling processes. 

For example…

One couple – they own a 7 figure Amazon FBA business – had planned a vacation on the sunny beaches of California to celebrate years of hard work. They made sure the business wouldn’t miss them. Everything was planned accordingly. 

But unfortunately, that excitement was short lived.

Because the day after they landed at their vacation destination…

When they opened the laptop that next morning to navigate through Pebble Beach…

They got a notice that made their heart sink:

They’d been hijacked.

Rogue Chinese sellers stole their listings… and took over the buy box! 

The couple were prepared for returns and marketing updates but they weren’t prepared for their entire business to implode overnight. 

So they called their Amazon account manager. 

After hearing what they could do… they realized the account manager’s suggestions wouldn’t work in this scenario.

The entrepreneurs spent three solid days stuck in the hotel room. They lived on the phone with Amazon constantly calling, trying to figure out how to get the hijacker off…

But in the end it was no use. The damage had been done.

They were losing over $5,000 a day at the worst possible timing – right before Christmas season where they would typically make as much in two months as they do the whole year.

But as you know, they aren’t the only ones.

Imagine this real life scenario another member went through:

You had your products approved to ship. Suppliers did their job. Your product is already on the water, on its way to the 3PL…

And then you receive this in your inbox: 

“There’s been an error in the system. The machine has miscalculated the amount of storage space in the warehouse due to delays by another party. The current fix is to send your product back to China until we have ample space. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

What would YOU do in this situation?

Heck, what can you do?

Answer: Not much.


You had a “black book” of eCommerce owners who can help solve this problem for you. (I’ll reveal how we solved this later.)

Point being…

The problems I revealed above are only a small fraction of the problems that entrepreneurs like you deal with every single day. 

In fact, you may face these…

Evil Strategies That Plague The Modern Ecommerce Landscape

When you look at the bad players within eCommerce… there’s honestly too many to count.

But you may recognize criminal Sellers who:

  • Pay groups to leave false negative feedback on your products
  • Steal the buy box and ship poor quality items instead to sabotage your listing 
  • Leave a hundred 5 Star Reviews that will trigger Amazon’s algorithm and instantly suspend your account.

Or make you fall into a marathon of legal battles like Kevin Williams.

Kevin was making close to 8 figures selling on Amazon with his cleaning brushes when Chinese sellers decided to copy his entire product line.

And when I say copy, they made an EXACT duplicate of his cleaning brush with inferior materials, took his EXACT packaging (with his face on it even) and sold it under his listing at half the price.

Because the Chinese seller’s price was significantly lower than his, they got the buy box and stole all of his sales.

Even worse, because the Chinese knockoff was a piece of junk, angry buyers started leaving 1 star reviews which basically destroyed his entire business.

For the next year and half, Kevin would invest over a million dollars and constant headache trying to fight off these sellers because Amazon does not allow you to easily shut down the copycats.

Wild story right?

This is our cruel reality.

Which is why eCommerce entrepreneurs like you and I need all the help we can get. 

But the help right now isn’t that great – or always trustworthy.

Amazon account managers are good in moments, but they don’t act fast enough for you to avoid a significant loss. 

Ecommerce Facebook groups & masterminds give you suggestions and connections on how to scale safely… but there’s sometimes a monetary reason tied to the recommendation. 

You never know if you’re getting suggested to use a service because the owners get a cut… or if it’s actually a good decision for your business.

Then, you have buying groups which are filled with people who steal product lines. They love “finding” easy ways to build fly-by-night stores.

What’s more…

The real beast most eCommerce entrepreneurs deal with is…

Too Big For One Company
To Attack On Its Own!

Why can Amazon, China and supply chain companies treat you like crap? 

Because they’re too big to care!

Just put yourself in their shoes.

If you had all the assets… and all the power…

Does it make sense to help all the tiny little sellers (who, by the way, could be doing north of 7 figures), or would it be easier to address the few big sellers who make them a lot more money?

Obviously, it’d be the latter.

The bigger you are, the less you want to deal with the smaller sellers.

That’s why no group has been successful in dealing with the “Amazon Suspension Gang”. The conglomerate of countries and businesses that make building an eCommerce empire unnecessarily difficult.

One individual business… even at 7-8 figures… is too small to command the notice of these large companies. 

You don’t have enough leverage. 


What if Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, state governments and ALL of the other really big dogs HAD to negotiate?

What if there was a group of people who could actually stand up to their bullying?

What if you could sleep great at night knowing no matter what kind of shenanigans Amazon, black hat sellers or other marketplaces pulled on you…

You’d always make it out and thrive?

That’s why I’m so excited to present this group to you.

Because when you combine the forces of hundreds of good-hearted entrepreneurs who care about each other…

Miracles can happen.


Empowery – The Only Member-Owned Non-profit eCommerce Cooperative

Empowery is your best chance to connect with some of the most brilliant business minds on planet Earth, share insider information and potentially form partnerships that can last a lifetime. 

Amongst other benefits, the group reduces the risk of scaling your business by attacking the problems Amazon, black hat sellers and issues with supply chain throw at you every single month.

The cooperative was started in 2018 with four simple goals in mind:

  1. Enhance the financial performance of members and vendors by operating as a powerful buying group to leverage upfront discounts, exclusive member perks, and cash back for volume purchases.
  2. Influence eCommerce marketplaces and relevant governments for our member’s benefit by leveraging relationships at Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Wish, and many more to drive alignment of strategy with eCommerce companies instead of AGAINST them.
  3. Help members create equity in the business and actually realize the wealth. 
  4. Create a reliable day to day resource and community to Empower member’s businesses by establishing and maintaining a powerful team. The team helps both members and partners while creating valuable content shared on a regular basis.

What kind of results have Empowery members gotten?


Do you remember our nightmare scenario where the product was stuck on the water with nowhere to land?

It’s a terrifying problem for any entrepreneur. 

When your products gets shipped back, you’ve almost doubled your costs… you’ve wasted months of time… and if you don’t have the cash reserves to handle a hit like that…

You could lose it all very quickly.

That’s why I’m so proud of the outcome the members of Empowery delivered TOGETHER.

Upon hearing the news…

Empowery reached out to its members and figured out that they had product at a 3PL near our member’s trapped merchandise. We collaborated… discussed the possible outcomes… and then we came up with a plan.

We knew if the product shipped back to China, they’d lose hundreds of thousands in profits and have to somehow get back to normal despite losing all the cashflow to do it. 

Long story short…

Despite the low chances this entrepreneur would’ve made it out of this mess…

We were able to create space at the 3PL the product was headed towards and carry on to Amazon FBA! 

The new space was enough for all the product to land safely at its original destination.

Business saved. Headache removed. Improved morale for the entire team.

It was incredible to witness.

But that’s not all.

We had a member who tried to sign up with a world class currency vendor but got denied. 

After mentioning the story to Empowery, the team was able to intervene and get the account approved without further delay – which included access to all Empowery benefits!

Another member wanted to exit their business, but they weren’t sure where to begin. 

After consulting with some Empowery associates… They made a plan. Put it into place. And provided the entrepreneur lots of options to prepare their business for sale. 

It worked. And they made out big. Plus, they did it while protecting that entrepreneur from future liabilities by structuring the deal properly!

Lastly, a new Empowery member wanted to reduce both short term and long term storage fees at Amazon and found a perfect 3PL solution.

Due to the oversized nature of the items the 3PL was going to place a limit on the seller’s storage. 

Fortunately, Empowery was able to step in and encourage the 3PL to make an exception for the Empowery member and the problem was solved!

But that’s only a small sample size of the kinds of problem solving we can provide when you have elite entrepreneurs thinking and working together. 

Because when you collect the elite… and they are willing to help each other like family… you not only beat the predators who dare to cross your path…

You’ll be part of…

A Movement Of eCommerce Entrepreneurs Who Make Governments, Amazon and Other Marketplaces Stand up & Take Notice ​

Here’s what I mean:

When you have the negotiating power of over $200 million in revenue like Empowery does, on behalf of its members… the big guys are willing to listen.

And I’ll touch on that more later.

The point is…

This is only scratching the surface of what this group is capable of. 

Imagine 1000 eCommerce entrepreneurs representing billions of dollars of sales on Amazon and on their own websites standing up and saying:

“NO AMAZON. That policy is NOT fair and we’re not going to take it anymore, we’re on strike!”

Imagine the Wall Street Journal headlines 10 years from now about what they might say about the cooperative forcing positive changes on the Amazon marketplace…

Imagine 60 Minutes reporting that the tax collectors are finally implementing policies that are fair and not burdensome to small businesses…

Imagine the future when we work together to make life better for YOU. 

Because… quite frankly…

We are better together. And it’s our responsibility to make it happen for ourselves.

Now you would think something like this is incredibly expensive. Most masterminds at this level cost tens of thousands of dollars.

But thanks to some innovative thinking and the nature of this nonprofit, that won’t be the case for you. We wanted to make this affordable. And that’s why…

Empowery PAYS YOU To Be A Part of This Elite Group

So how does it work?

Well, like most co-ops… Empowery lets you become an owning member of the entity. And as a member you receive a whole bunch of perks.

Since we’re a collective of elite businesses…

Empowery has a TON of leverage.

Imagine going to the negotiating table with not only your business… but the combined sum of ALL of Empowery members businesses.

Think you could get better margins? Favorable deals? Less red tape?

Because it’s true, and it’s happened already.

But that’s not all…

As a member of Empowery…

We are literally PAYING YOU with cashback opportunities on all the necessary expenses like freight forwarding, keyword research software, graphic design, 3PLs, sourcing, inspections, insurance, legal assistance and on and on.

The membership literally pays for itself. 

In fact, because of the awesome relationships we’ve developed over the years with all these partners…

I can almost guarantee that you’ll find the best rates for shipping, online tools and other necessary services here within the co-op.

And even if we didn’t have the best rates… we have enough leverage and power to change that so we do get the best rates available. Almost like Walmart’s price match guarantee.

Now you may be wondering…

Outside of all the cashback savings you’ll receive what else do you get as a member?

Here, let me show you…

The Best Perks Of Joining Empowery:

Networking – We have an annual conference, monthly online meetings, and plenty of other ways to network with our exclusive members. There’s even a dedicated message board so you can get answers on your questions instantly. Best part? These networking opportunities are crafted so that product lines can be kept private. 

Gold Plated Rolodex – As an Empowery member, you are able tap into this same network. You’ll have the chance to connect with world class resources including: published authors, builders of billion dollar brands, world class entrepreneurs from all parts of the world and so much more. 

Emergency lines – These calls could be a panic, “What do I do?” call or they can be a calm strategic planning, “What do I do?” call. ????

Although we don’t make the important decisions for you, we will share our experiences, perspectives, and often we’ll tell you what WE would do in that same situation. Often we’ve already been there and can tell you how we dealt with the issue from real practice experience.

If you are facing a lawsuit or an Amazon suspension or even if you just want to talk about the future exit strategies these calls are extraordinarily valuable. Perhaps you just want one of us to help you with a deal review to see if the big picture is being looked at by the attorneys?

We often find concepts or issues that lawyers have not yet considered. Although we are not your legal counsel nor are we training lawyers we have decades of experience with contracts and deal making. We get it.

And if that wasn’t enough, we have built-in programs so you 100% know that you’re following all the best practices in these areas. Specifically you’ll get..

  • Merchant account review (Value $450.00)
  • Freight forwarding review (Value $500.00)
  • Amazon Listing review & Copywriting Training ($2500 Value)
  • Product Sourcing Review & Insights ($1500 Value)
  • Product Demo Video Review ($199 Value)​
  • Individualized Fulfillment Review ($200 Value)
  • Facebook Marketing Review ($500 Value)​
  • Facebook/Amazon Customer Review ($500 Value)
  • Bookkeeping Review & Growth Planning ($250 Value)
  • Delegation Training & Review ($300 Value)
  • State Sales Tax Review & Action Plan ($225 Value)
  • Traffic campaign review (Value $375.00)
  • Business Coaching ($1500 Value)​
  • Marketing Strategy Audit ($500 Value)
  • Business Transition Preparation ($3,000)​

That’s over $12,000 of value WITH NO PURCHASE OR ENGAGEMENT OF SERVICES REQUIRED from this list alone. And that doesn’t include the golden rolodex the networking or emergency lines. Nor does it include the thousands in savings you’ll claim once you work with all our partners.

Are you starting to see the value?

Because when you combine these assets with the natural accountability that comes from other like minded entrepreneurs…

Your business starts to feel a little bit invincible.


You might be wondering…

What Does It Cost?

Well, the memberships we have are tiered.

So if you’re at the 7 figure level, the cost of the co-op is $49/month. 

Most of the incoming shareholders recoup the full year’s investment very quickly in cashback.

And that’s assuming we save them absolutely nothing on all the partnerships we have with partners you already use, like ZonTracker, Feedback Whiz, Avask, Helium 10 and so many more.

(Which by the way has never happened before)

The $49/month is negligible if all you did was use the partnerships we already put together for you.

How Do You Qualify?​

Well as you can imagine…

There are a lot of entrepreneurs looking for a group as valuable as this. Because of all the perks mentioned above, they feel like they have an answer for any problem the ecommerce industry throws at them.

But in order to keep this as the best group for ecommerce entrepreneurs, we need to have a strict vetting process.

Because the last thing everyone needs is one bad apple to ruin the experience for all the members involved. 

That’s why we have a strict No A-hole policy. 

If you are negative or scarcity-minded, you will be removed from the group. 

But if that’s not how you roll and you see the value of this group…

Then click here to start your application.​APPLY NOW!

Once you click the link you will be taken to a questionnaire. The questions are straight forward and easy to answer.

Then, when you’re done… we’ll schedule a call with you to make sure you’re a fit with us. 

If you’re a fit, you’ll be added to the group immediately, and you can start using all the perks of Empowery once you have access to the forum.

Now if you didn’t realize already… right now you have two choices:

Go Lone-Wolf And Struggle Unnecessarily… Or Skip Years of Frustration By Working With Entrepreneurs Who’ve “Been There Done That”

Let’s be real here.

You can figure out all the traps associated with Amazon, supply chain and anything else that has to do with ecommerce. 

You can fail forward and learn what you don’t know. You could spend years trying to catch up with what some of the best minds have already figured out.

But you don’t have to.

There’s no shame in using the experience of entrepreneurs who’ve done it before you.

In fact, it’s smart.

You skip years of frustration by relying on decades of experience.

That’s why you want a collective of grizzled, OG entrepreneurs who you can trust to always be on top of the latest and greatest in the eCommerce industry. 

These are the kind of entrepreneurs who are willing to help each other when things inevitably go bad. 

So if you want to join that group of people click below.CLICK HERE TO START YOUR EMPOWERY APPLICATION

By the way…

You should hurry if you’re serious. 

Because there’s an unimaginable amount of savings waiting for you.

You could be saving thousands of dollars by next week. Or it could be a whole lot more. 

For example, I’ll tell you about an Empowery member who joined over one summer and immediately asked about freight forwarding and logistics providers. 

The member was provided one of the strategic shipping partners and with the VERY first shipment saved enough to more than cover the initial on boarding fee for the entire membership and more!

She has reduced her shipping costs enough to hire more team members. 

These are the types of results you can expect when you work with world class entrepreneurs.

Now you might be wondering…

Is there a guarantee?

Not this time. There’s too many variables that are completely out of our control. But honestly, if you simply use the tools we’ve provided for you, I don’t see how it’s possible to avoid benefiting from this membership.

Remember you’re getting…

Emergency Lines for those inevitable panic moments – Just one phone call could save you from months of frustration.

The Golden Plated Rolodex full of top contacts within the eCommerce industry – Just one relationship could change your business.

AND you get to brush shoulders with good-hearted eCommerce entrepreneurs who’ve been there done that – one partnership could lead to unimaginable profits.

So don’t wait.

Click below and fill out the short application form…APPLY NOW!

And let’s see how fast you can scale your business 8 to 8 figures and beyond!

We can’t wait to see what you do.

At your service,

Steve Simonson