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PPC Ninja

Skyrocket your Online Sales with Amazon Advertising

Our Software

✔ Helps you discover new keywords

✔ Prompts you with daily bid recommendations

✔ Helps you find bleeding keywords

✔ Automatically downloads your Search Term Reports

✔ Allows all kinds of bulk operations without any .csv

✔ Great for Agencies, Sellers (3P) and Vendors (1P)

✔ Excel-like UI to slice and dice data many ways

✔ Does not bind you to any PPC technique

✔ Support for Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands (Headline), Sponsored Display Ads (Views)

✔ Works in all available Amazon markets - Europe, North America, Japan, Australia, Singapore, UAE, Brazil, Mexico, Netherlands

Our Managed Services

✔ PPC Account Management
✔ PPC Management for Japan
✔ Programmatic Display Ads (DSP)
✔ Sponsored Brands Video Ad Creation
✔ Listing Optimization (English/Japanese)
✔ Keyword Research (English/Japanese)
✔ PPC Strategy Sessions
✔ PPC Account Audits
✔ Amazon Video Ad production (English/Japanese)


Our Academy

✔ 4-Week Free Mastermind program

✔ Advanced Mastermind Courses

✔ Group Coaching

✔ One-one-one coaching

✔ Newsletter

✔ Cutting edge strategies shared weekly on our blog

✔ Thought leadership on LinkedIn

✔ Deep industry knowledge

✔ Knowledge sharing at conferences


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