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How to Create a SOP

2-Ways to Create a SOP:

  1. You can create your SOP in the Parsimony website or
  2. You can create it directly in your SOPBox

Either way is just the same because the system will sync the information you have added in both of these sites.

If you are using Parsimony, you can:

Search for “SOP”. Click on “New SOP” In the Awesome Bar

If you are using SOPBox, click the “Create SOP” button

Enter the title of the SOP. We recommend keeping this title as short and clear as possible.

  • Enter the category. Categorizing SOPs will help sort them according to use-cases. You can create new categories if required.

(For example, you can have two categories: Amazon SOPs and Parsimony SOPs.)

  • Under ‘Description’, tell the reader what the SOP will help them do.
  • Under ‘Background’, provide some peripheral information here which provides context for the SOP’s purpose.
  • Under ‘Requirements’, list all the things that are necessary to be able to follow this SOP.
  • Under the ‘Detail’ table, click on ‘Add Row’ and write the first step for the SOP. Repeat this process for the rest of the steps.

TIP: You can use basic HTML while formatting these SOPs. This will help provide some structure and clarity to the SOP.) 

  • Once done, click the teal ‘Save’ button.
  • To view the SOP, click on the teal ‘SOP’ button and select ‘View this SOP’ from the drop-down.

IMPORTANT: You need to have the Parsimony SOPBox Chrome browser extension open to view this SOP on your Parsimony website and other websites.