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The support module in Parsimony helps you keep a record of all the support requests you receive from clients. This in turn will help all the support agents in your organization offer quick and efficient help to the clients who need it.

Customers can raise issues or tickets for various product or service related reasons. Parsimony allows us to manage the entire journey of an issue or ticket from being raised by a client to the final resolution.

It is important to channel each issue through the right workflows. Issues can arise from different sources like phone calls or emails or even social media. Keeping track of information for each issue and recording it makes sure that all relevant details are accessible easily so that they can be resolved faster.

There can also be situations where certain issues cannot be solved by support agents or support engineers and might need the involvement of other engineers and accountants. In such cases, separate tasks need to be created. We can analyze issues and identify patterns so that overall changes can be made in the products and services thus improving the overall customer experience. We can automate certain tasks like assigning tickets to right support agents, auto closing tickets after a certain period of inactivity etc.