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Learn ticket management, service level agreements, warranty claims, maintenance management, and reporting.

Customer Support is one of the most important impressions made on a customer/client. An organization’s efficiency is advocated by its excellent customer service. Customers require support for various product or service related reasons and these issues can come through various channels like emails, phone calls or social media.

The customer support tools in ERPNext allow us to manage the entire journey of an issue or a ticket from the moment it is raised to its resolution. The support module helps keep a record of all the communication we receive from customers and send it through the right channel while recording who is assigned to resolve any particular issue.

Tasks can be created for issues that require a higher level of assistance. ERPNext also creates reports that can be analyzed to see patterns and trends so that overall changes can be made to improve customer experience.

The support module also let us us streamline warranty claims and maintenance processing. It keeps a record of Warranty validities, AMC validities and helps schedule maintenance visits.

This course is appropriate for any organization’s support team/support executives.

By the end of this course, you will have a deeper understanding of:

1. How a ticket can be raised for every issue and how we can add information, assign tickets and change its status as per the stages it goes through

2. What are service level agreements, how do we assign them to customers or issues and how they affect the resolution time and priority level of a ticket/issue

3. What are warranty claims are and how we can use ERPNext to validate and process them

4. How maintenance management works and how ERPNext helps us create a maintenance schedule, create maintenance visits and remain up to date with warranties, AMC’s and other product maintenance procedures