The power of a community that

speaks loudly with a unified voice.

… and some incredible savings!

  • Member Directory – We have a member directory for users to connect with other users. Don’t spam. 😉
  • Partner Directory – The partners that offer Empowery special deals are critical to your success.
  • Videos – We have past event recordings and other videos that are not always available to the general public.
  • Photos – We share event photos and other community content that is not always available to the public.
  • Documents – We have a shared documents area to share some examples of best practices.
  • Interest Groups – Individual groups wherein users can post and share content of all kinds with group members.
  • Education – We’ll have various courses & entrepreneur focused education added on a regular basis.

Additional Benefits


Being your own boss is awesome, but it can be lonely. With Empowery you are part of a community that knows what owning a business is like. They can help amplify your highs and support you through the slow times. The members love to share ideas, experiences, and friendship. You will make great one-on-one connections as well be a part of a vibrant online community. And nothing beats the experience of meeting in person at industry events and the Annual Empowery Meeting.


There is strength in numbers, but what is the solo-preneur or small business to do? How can we speak our truth about policies and regulations that impact our livelihood? Well, with Empowery, we band together and can speak as one, much larger, organization. Hundreds, even thousands of voices, can be put behind one message that will be heard by the companies and governments that are impacting our businesses. Think about the value that you will get when your voice is added to all of the other Empowery members and your concerns are addressed!


Joining Empowery can actually
MAKE you Money. Here’s How:

Buying Power: When you join Empowery, you immediately get access to the rates that they have negotiated with vendors. They use the information from members to find the lowest rates out there and then they negotiate them even lower by aggregating the purchases of ALL members and asking for the very lowest prices possible. For instance, all Parsimony programs are discounted 20% for Empowery members.

Perks: the Empowery team also negotiates special “Perks” that are exclusive to Empowery members, In the case of Parsimony, that means that you get an automatic upgrade on Support Issues. We know that Empowery members are important and we give their questions the highest priority in our system.

Cashback: Empowery Shareholding Members (and higher) levels get a Cashback bonus in addition to their discounted price. This can quickly add up to real money. And in combination with other Empowery programs, it is not unusual for a member to actually get more money back in Cashback than they spend on the Empowery membership!