Amazon Unveils Additional Analytics and Data to Empower Amazon Seller Success

With the new Manage Your Experiments features from Amazon, sellers may improve their sales by up to 25% by creating content that drives conversions.

Sellers can now enhance their product lines, fine-tune their sales approach, and more successfully sell their goods.

15 September 2022, SEATTLE — (BUSINESS WIRE) — New improvements to Manage Your Experiments, a tool that aids sellers in optimizing the content on product detail pages to drive improved conversion rates and increase their sales by up to 25%, were unveiled today at Accelerate, Amazon’s annual seller conference. Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) has also added new features to the Product Opportunity Explorer and Search Analytics Dashboard that assists brands in analyzing marketing efforts and locating opportunities to attract new clients and encourage repurchases. It is now simpler for sellers to access customer insights and analytics data to introduce new goods and boost sales thanks to this new collection of sector-leading solutions.

“We’re focused on supporting sellers as they work to build and grow their business,” said Benjamin Hartman, vice president of Amazon North America Selling Partner Services. “The tools we’re announcing today are a direct result of seller feedback and target every step of their Amazon sales funnel, from new customer acquisition to increased lifetime value. We’re committed to continuing to develop tools and features that deliver actionable insights for sellers.”

“We have been working with Amazon since the beginning, leveraging data to build our business into one of the largest jewelry sellers on Amazon,” said Tal Masica, founder of PAVOI Jewelry. “Thanks to enhancements to the Search Analytics Dashboard and Product Opportunity Explorer, we now have the ability to analyze search trends at a granular level, giving us actionable insights to improve both trend forecasting and design for future collections – so we can continue delivering quality sustainable jewelry that our customers love to wear every day.”

What is Amazon Accelerate?

Amazon Accelerate is Amazon’s premier annual seller conference. The conference offers a unique experience for all attendees with the opportunity to gain insights on exciting new innovations that will help drive business growth. Experts share their perspectives on launching a brand and building a successful online business.

You can chart your own learning path and join sessions that will directly impact your business. Whether just starting out or a seasoned seller, you can build personal agendas based on your experience and interests. This is also an opportunity to expand your network and your knowledge. Meet and learn from fellow sellers, Amazon employees, and third-party service providers.

Amazon held this year’s event in Seattle, Washington’s Seattle Convention Center on September 14 and 15, 2022. 

Reasons to Attend Amazon Accelerate

Reason #1: Gain Insights from Industry Leaders 

At Amazon Accelerate, you’ll have the chance to gain insights from some of the top leaders in the industry. This year’s keynote speakers were the new CEO of Worldwide Amazon Stores, Doug Herrington, and legendary tennis champion turned successful entrepreneur and small business advocate Venus Williams. They shared first-hand how they’ve built their businesses and advised on how you can do the same. 

Reason #2: Learning

Create your own learning strategy and participate in sessions that will directly affect your company. Create bespoke agendas based on your experience and interests, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced seller.

Reason #3: Join Sessions that will directly Impact your Business 

With many breakout sessions to choose from, there’s sure to be something for everyone at Amazon Accelerate. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned seller, you’ll be able to find sessions that are relevant to your experience level and interests. Plus, you’ll be able to chart your own learning path by customizing your agenda to ensure you get the most out of the conference.  

Reason #4: Expand your Network 

Attending Amazon Accelerate is a great opportunity to expand your network and meet other like-minded individuals. You’ll have the chance to meet and learn from fellow sellers as well as Amazon employees and third-party service providers. This is the perfect opportunity to ask questions, exchange ideas, and find new ways to grow your business. 


Industry-leading Tools to Empower Sellers

Amazon provides a number of market-leading solutions that enable sellers to improve their listings, comprehend customers better, distinguish their brands, and expand their businesses. At Accelerate 2022, the following new tools were disclosed:

Manage Your Experiments

Manage Your Experiments is intended to improve the quality of product information pages and increase conversion rates. Brands may use Manage Your Experiments to do A/B testing on their headlines, primary pictures, and A+ content to see which works better. In order to improve conversion, companies may now A/B test bullet points and descriptions and examine machine learning-based recommendations for product photos and names. Additionally, brands may now choose to automatically publish successful A/B test results to the product detail page. Sellers profit from traffic generated by the hundreds of millions of Amazon customers, and the new Manage Your Experiments capabilities make it simpler to test more material, faster.

Search Analytics Dashboard

Search Analytics Dashboard has grown to include a new insights dashboard that gives retailers with anonymized data to better understand their consumers’ interests and buying behaviors since its first debut in early 2022. Brands can now receive new ASIN-level information as well as Search Query and Catalog Performance statistics for the first time. By utilizing Amazon’s capabilities directly or by fusing Amazon data with the seller’s company data, this new capability enables marketers to quickly evaluate marketing campaigns to pinpoint areas to encourage repeat purchases and attract new customers. In September, the improved Search Analytics Dashboard will go live globally.

Product Opportunity Explorer

Product Opportunity Explorer expands on the success of its beta release in 2021 by continuing to provide detailed, accurate information that aids sellers in comprehending, assessing, and evaluating product prospects in the Amazon store. Sellers can anticipate sales potential and judge whether a new product is likely to catch on with consumers. Customer Reviews Insight is a new tool that Amazon has included in its improved Product Opportunity Explorer for the first time. This feature assists brands in deciding which features they should add and prioritize as they launch new items or make changes to existing ones by allowing sellers to work backward from the customer utilizing customer input from product review data and product star ratings.

Marketplace Product Guidance

Marketplace Product Guidance, which was first introduced in 2021, has been improved to offer Selection Recommendations—items that are in high demand—for American vendors wishing to expand to France, Italy, and Spain. Selection Recommendations reveal fresh growth potential by letting sellers know about products that aren’t currently available but fit their portfolio. Based on client desire, the technology eliminates any uncertainty about which products should be taken into account in those locations. These suggestions are tailored and ordered according to their opportunity score, which is determined by machine learning models created to forecast the most promising possibilities for a new selection.

Amazon makes annual investments in the billions to upgrade the systems, programs, services, fulfillment options, and tools that support the success of sellers. More than half of Amazon’s physical product sales are attributed to sellers; more than 1.5 million people in the US were employed by sellers in our store.

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