Amazon Offers Customers a New Way to Pay This Holiday Season With Venmo—a Convenient, Easy-to-Use, and Secure Payment Option


U.S. shoppers will be able to use Venmo as their payment method on and the Amazon mobile app in time for the holidays.

October 25, 2022, SEATTLE — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Venmo will now be available as a new payment option for orders placed on and the Amazon mobile app, according to a recent announcement from Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN). Customers of Amazon will have more payment options during the checkout process thanks to this practical, straightforward, and secure solution. Additionally, it will provide Venmo users another place to buy holiday presents using their Venmo accounts. Venmo will begin to roll out to a restricted group of Amazon customers today, and by Black Friday, it will be accessible to all US customers.

“We want to offer customers payment options that are convenient, easy to use, and secure—and there’s no better time for that than the busy holiday season. Whether it’s paying with cash, buying now and paying later, or now paying via Venmo, our goal is to meet the needs and preferences of every Amazon customer,” said Max Bardon, vice president of Amazon Worldwide Payments. “We’re excited to continue to offer customers even more options when it comes to how and when they want to pay for their order.”

Using Venmo to place an order is easy and hassle-free. Customers must first link their Venmo account to their Amazon account as a form of payment. Customers can choose Venmo as their payment method at checkout after adding their account. After connecting their Venmo account, customers can choose to make Venmo their default payment option.

“We know that the Venmo community of nearly 90 million users value the safety, security, ease, and familiarity that paying with Venmo helps to bring to the checkout experience,” said Doug Bland, senior vice president and general manager, head of consumer, PayPal. “The ability to pay with Venmo on Amazon continues our ongoing commitment to offer the community more ways to spend, send, receive, and manage their money with Venmo.”

The back-end technology that Amazon designed and its A-to-z Guarantee both safeguard these safe transactions. Additionally, qualified purchases are covered by Venmo Purchase Protection.

Visit for further details on how to use Venmo to make an Amazon purchase.

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