Amazon Marketplace Sellers

The Amazon rainforest is the largest on earth and the Amazon river, the longest. Perhaps it only makes sense that Amazon Marketplace, with more than 310 million active seller accounts is one of the most powerful eCommerce channels on the planet


In fact, nearly half of all online consumers visit the Amazon Marketplace. This means that by listing your products here, you aren’t just targeting the platform’s users, but online shoppers as a whole. 


It’s also important to note the difference between an Amazon Marketplace Seller versus a Vendor. A vendor is a brand or manufacturer who acts as a supplier for Amazon, therefore selling in bulk directly to Amazon. From here, the marketplace sells the products with the note “Sold by Amazon.” 


A seller, however, is a brand or retailer using the Amazon marketplace to sell their own products.


A common myth about selling on Amazon is that third-party sellers such as big brands and corporate retailers don’t account for much of the channel’s total sales. This is a false narrative. In fact, the Amazon Marketplace Sellers are the bread and butter for the entire platform to be successful. 

According to Amazon statistics, 53% of all items sold on the channel were by Amazon Marketplace Sellers in 2018Given the number of transactions that take place on the platform each year, that is a huge amount of business going directly to third-parties. 

In 2017, the reported revenue for Amazon sellers was around $32 billion dollars. Yet, the company is worth $1 trillion dollars as of September 2018. 

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