Stellar Q&A about Empowery on The Smart Business Revolution Podcast

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Shaking up the eCommerce world! 

Barth Getto formerly with Empowery eCommerce Cooperative; a co-op that harnesses the buying power of eCommerce sellers. In this episode, host John Corcoran takes a deeper look at co-ops and how Empowery is on the cusp of shaking up the eCommerce world.

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Episode published on August 22nd, 2018, The Smart Business Revolution Podcast with John Corcoran. 

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In this episode published by The Smart Business Revolution Podcast, John and Barth talk about:

  1. What is a Business Co-op?
  2. Why it’s Difficult to Start a Co-op
  3. The Benefits of Being in an eCommerce Co-op
  4. Why Barth Chose a Co-op in eCommerce Over Other Industries
  5. Why Getting a Holiday Card is One of Barth’s Business Goals 
  6. How Independent Sellers Can Restore the Balance of Power Between Them and Amazon
  7. What Potential Members Usually Consider Before Deciding to Join Empowery
  8. How Relationships Helped Barth Transition from the Flooring Industry to Working with a Leader in the eCommerce Industry
  9. How Empowery Decides Which Suppliers and Vendors They Partner With
  10. How Empowery Gets Connected with Potential Suppliers and Vendors
  11. The Changes Barth Predicts for the eCommerce Industry in the Next Few Years
  12. The Importance of Diversifying Your Marketplace Locations
  13. Who Barth Thanks for His Success

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