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Not in eCommerce yet? You should be! 

As an executive for 20 years at a large cooperative in the flooring industry, Barth Getto experienced how, joining together, independent retailers leveled the playing field with vendors and armed them with tools for their businesses to thrive. 

He brings that perspective to Empowery eCommerce Cooperative to make the eCommerce world a better, less lonely place. So true it can get pretty lonely. Here to talk eCommerce, booming your online business and how this historic initiative works, the Nice Guys on Business Podcast to speak about the Empowery phenomenon. 

Listen to the Nice Guys on Business Podcast featuring Barth Getto from Empowery below!

Episode #719, published on August 13th, 2018, the Nice Guys on Business Podcast. 

We're excited to tell you that the Nice Guys Business Podcast show is scoring big in the ratings with a milestone of 1 million downloads!

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